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Every day we are reading about BPO. Whenever we open any blog, LinkedIn or other social media we see the topic regarding Business Process Outsourcing. Hence many people are not clear which sectors are involved with the BPO industry.

well a lot of sectors now involved with the BPO. Bank & Business sector. IT enables service, Building design, Pharmaceutical documentation, Garment sourcing, Apart from those BPM(Business Process Management), KPI(Key performance indicator) and Affiliate Marketing is also very popular

In the financial sector, the Bangladeshi BPO industry is doing very well. The local BPO industry is doing: Accounting, Cashflow Management, Payroll, Bookkeeping, Bank reconciliation, loss and profit analysis

Apart from this Accounting Business process Outsourcing industry doing IT Enables service like tech support, Call centre, Telemarketing, App’s making and other IT related work.

Ardited Bangladesh Limited in doing all those. On the other hand, we are doing a Build structure design with CAD. Our design work is world-class. Our European partners are happy with our job. Few world-renowned companies are our customer. We work very closely with the real-estate company locally and internationally. Our world-class real estate management software is using different countries in Europe and Asia.

Like many other Bangladeshi BPO industries for the last 13 years, we are giving service all over the world. We are working with a wide range of service. We have most of the service that I discussed previously. Our strong Business Process Outsourcing team is doing very well. In 2017 we did 5000 design work whereas in 2018 it’s become double. Last year we did 18000-floor plan drawing and we have enough work till now. You can visit our website ( https://arditesbd.com/ )

As a Bangladeshi BPO industry Ardites is doing well our growth is good. We believe to help each other; we hope our local BPO industry will grow more.

Recently local Pharmaceutical industries are doing their all data entry work through the local BPO industry. This is really amazing job. they keep their data in google drive we collecting and finishing on time. Due to Covid-19 lot of garments industry and other sectors also hiring bPO industry for their job. their order, email marketing and some more job is now shifting to BPOindustry. We can easily say you can finish your most of job through a BPO industry. Hope day by day people will more clear about Business process outsourcing and will involve.

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