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Why Ardites Testing Service?


Ardites Testing Service believes in providing the best quality as we are “Serious about Quality”. We have over a decade of experience in the Software Assurance sector. We provide the upmost customer satisfaction through our experience and dedication with accurate and consistent results through our Software Testing Service.


Our Competitive Advantages


Our company do provide other Services, our testing service is one of a kind due to:

  •  We have Certified Software Test Engineers who are:
           a) a team of dedicated QA experts
           b) ISTQB® Certified
  • Over 12 years of experience in providing software testing services
  • Software testing processes done following the ISO 9001:2015 standard
  • Preventing maximum amount of high-severity bugs leading to better software quality
Quality Assurance along with its branches

Our Testing Services


Manual Testing


The test which is run by a Tester without the use of any automated or readymade tools rather the entire test is done manually. It usually done through the end user’s perspective. Furthermore, this helps the testers get more familiar with the software and helps them write accurate test cases for each of the scenario.

Some of the advantages of manual testing are:

  • Identifies most of the bugs
  • UI and UX issues can be detected easily
  • Cheaper to perform
  • More reliable
A tester conducting manual testing on a website
Automation script on a computer screen

Test Automation


Test Automation runs using a specialized software testing tool to do a complete test. In addition, the entire process is automated and the expected result is already known beforehand. Since, testing done by automation therefore, once taken time and effort to set it up, can significantly save your time to do complete regression tests every day without any intensive labor.

 Some of the advantages of Test Automation are:

  • It is faster to perform
  • Eliminates Human error (Improved accuracy)
  • Higher test coverage
  • Faster feedback
  • Cut overall QA cost

API Testing


This involes Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), that is, calling the API, getting output and then validating the response of the system. Therefore, using defined input parameters API is called. This test is used to test a collection of APIs that need to be tested as a system. Moreover, one of the biggest advantages we gain here is we do not need to rely on UI to be perfect to go ahead with the testing of the functionalities. We need API testing for the application which is consuming services from different application to show results. For instance, Price comparison websites.

Some of the advantages of API Testing are:

  • Test for Core Functionality
  • Access without UI
  • Reduced costs
  • Time efficiency
Application Programming Interface on a mobile phone
Conducting performance across multiple devices on the same application

Performance Testing


Performance testing determines how a system performs in terms of stability, speed, scalability and responsiveness under a particular workload. In other words, companies run these tests for them to identify and target performance-related bottlenecks. We need performance testing in order to determine whether or not a particular software fulfills the performance requirements it needs and stability under peak traffic events.

Some of the advantages of Performance Testing are:

  • Detecting bottlenecks
  • Helps predicting future capacity shortcoming
  • Helps improve optimization and load capabilities
  • Measures speed, stability and accuracy


Efficient Work

We have spent over 12 years to improve our testing services and offerings so that the testing process of your project is as efficient as possible.

Minimal Risk

Through manual, automation, API and performance testing, we will ensure to eliminate costly mistakes and reduce business risks.

Adaptable Cooporation

We can provide you with a complete Testing team which would help you increase your resource in your QA department seamlessly.

Smooth Delivery

Transparent and informative communication between our QA Engineers and your Developers will make sure your all issues are tracked and reported right away.

Better Results

We make sure your project’s success is our topmost priority as our QA Engineers will guide you through it.

Customer Satisfaction

We prioritize in giving our customers the best service and make sure they would come and work with us again.


We test functional and non-functional software features to make sure it complies with the requirements specification and offers outstanding user experience. In addition, we have experienced testers of 3+ years of experience and 15+ years of experienced Test Manager.


Detecting bug
  • Requirement Analysis
  • Website, Mobile App and Database Testing
  • Test Plan and Test Case Development
  • Reporting and Bug Tracking
  • Regression Testing


Test Automation being run on a PC
  • Test Automation tool evaluation and recommendations
  • Framework implementation using Test Automation
  • Automation scripting and execution
  • Automated Regression testing
  • Website and Mobile App Automation
  • Automation tools used are Java, Maven and Python.


API on a computer screen
  • API and Web Services Testing
  • Functional API Testing and Monitoring
  • Runtime error detection
  • API Testing using Postman
  • Security Testing


Performance test representation
  • Load Testing
  • Stress Testing
  • Stability Testing
  • Performance Management
  • Performance testing using Jmeter

To use any of our above Testing Services, contact us

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Technology Expertise

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