POS and inventory system


Ardites Point of Sale is a web based inventory, point of sale and customer management system. All data will be stored in the cloud and can be accessed from any browser.  


  1. Inventory
  2. Customers
  3. Suppliers 
  4. Receiving
  5. Sales
  6. Reports
  7. Employees
  8. Gifts
  9. Messages
  10. Settings


  1. Inventory Management (Items and Kits)
  2. Sale register with transactions logging
  3. Easy to use sales register interface
  4. Barcode generation and printing
  5. Receipt and invoice printing and/or emailing
  6. Suppliers and Customers database
  7. Receivings
  8. Many reports are built in (sales, orders, inventory status)
  9. Graph reports
  10. Employees with permissions assignment
  11. Gift card
  12. Return Purchase
  13. Return Sales
  14. Exporting Data as(Excel,JSON,CSV,XML,TXT,SQL)
  15. Importing Data
  16. Multi Stock
  17. Multiuser with permission control
  18. Messaging (SMS)
  19. Multilanguage
  20. Different UI themes
  21. Backup



Username: admin123

Password: admin123


The software is written in PHP language, it uses MySQL (or MariaDB) as data storage back-end and has a simple but intuitive user interface.


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