Points to be noted during the domain migration

Assessment of goals and objectives:
     Migrate the domain and hosting from one hosting provider to another provider.
     To reach my goal I faced some difficulties they are

  1. I didn’t know how to migrate public_html folder
  2. How to migrate database
  3. How to migrate mail server

     So I gathered clear concept how do this.
Identification of activities or areas needing additional effort:
      At first I need to know  where the domain we are transferring and how many
      time it’s needed.
      I had planned to transfer the domain into google domain and the time it  will be  taken         
      30 mints. But unfortunately I transferred the domain into another company
      so I needed more time to complete. So it’s very important where you 
      transferring and budget time.
Identification of effective activities or strategies:

  1. Plan the whole process.
  2. Budget time.
  3. Don’t mistake to create a cpanel account
  4. Test the mail server.

The Problem which I faced:
     When I transferred the  domain my mail server was not  working. All 
     mail are bounced back.
Points to be noted before domain migration:
     1. You shouldn’t longer your migration process.
     2. You should have clear concept where your  domain and hosting exist and where you want to    
          to transfer.
Steps for  hosting migration from one cpanel to another cpanel:

  1. Create an account according to previous cpanel account name.
  2. Check old hosting information
  3. Goto old Cpanel file manager compress the public_html and Download it.
  4. If you have another folder which you have to migrate just compress it download it.
  5. For database migration goto old cpanel click backupwizard click backup and click my sql database
  6. Download all database and goto new cpanel goto backupwizard and restore the database
  7. For mail server migration goto old cpanel and goto file manager and compress  mail and etc folder and download it.
  8. Now go  new cpanel and goto file manager and delete the mail and etc folder and upload mail and etc from older cpanel which you have downloaded.
  9. Now check the mail
  10. [warning] If your older and new cpanel account name are not same then you mail account will not be migrated
  11. Check mx record before domain transfer if its not created goto dns zone editor and add mx record .

Steps for domain migration from one provider to another:
      1. First check old domain provider details.
      2. Select  where you want to  transfer your domain and check how many days it needs
      3 . You may contact with your service  provider to know about how long it takes to transfer domain.
      4. First  unlock the domain from where it is transferred
      5. Goto where you want to transfer your domain it may be godaddy or inmotion or a2 hosting
         and go to transfer domain and give the authorization code
      6. Now pay the domain transfer charge
      7. When domain transfer will complete then add  nameserver .
      8. Now your old cpanel no longer exist
9. Check your mail server and add mx record if it’s not working contact your service provider.

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  1. The style and the indentation could be better. you could google a bit to study a bit over BLOG WRITING. But I’m not the expert of this. Btw it was good first step 🙂 .

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