GitHub – Beginner to Expert

Why GitHub is so important?
Learning GitHub or any version control is a mandatory these days. If you have two or more developer in a team, GitHub will help in collaboration. If you screw up you code, all history of your single steps is recorded, you can jump back to your working copy. You will have redundant copy of your code in GitHub, you can work from anywhere in any machine. If you laptop HDD crashed, you can have your copy in GitHub.
Learn tricks and complex scenarios from the experienced developers.
Duration: 5 days (4hours per day, 10am to 2pm, Monday to Friday)
Price: 5000Taka.
Contact: / 01715149996
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Course content

  • Course Welcome

Welcome to GitHub

  • Welcome to GitHub Overview
  • Signup for GitHub
  • GitHub Profile
  • GitHub Settings
  • Creating a GitHub Repository
  • Pushing Changes to GitHub
  • Verifying our Changes on GitHub

Tools and IDE

  • Sourcetree
  • Netbeans
  • VisualStduio Code

GitHub Repository

  • GitHub Repository Overview
  • Starting Remote with a Starter Repository
  • Create a Local Copy with Clone
  • Publish Back to GitHub
  • Fetch and Pull
  • Repository Features and Settings
  • Updating Repository and Remote References
  • Looking at Files and Folders on GitHub
  • Directly Editing Files on GitHub
  • Creating a New Files on GitHub
  • Creating a New File on Master
  • Renaming and Deleting Files on GitHub
  • Synchronizing our Changes with our Local Repository
  • Reviewing Commits with the Commit List
  • Commit Details: Going Deeper
  • GitHub Time Travel: Reviwing Your Repository as of a Particular Commit
  • Using Commit IDs with the Local Repository

GitHub Repository Branches

  • Repository Branches Overview
  • Creating Branches on GitHub
  • Local Branches
  • Comparing and Pull Requests
  • Merging Locally
  • Locally Switch to a Branch on GitHub
  • Cleaning Up By Deleting Branches and References
  • Pull with Rebase
  • GitHub Graphs
  • Setting the Default Branch
  • Dealing with a Conflict while Pulling

GitHub Tags and Releases

  • Tags and Releases Overview
  • Local Tags (a bit of Review)
  • Pushing Local Tags to GitHub
  • Tags on GitHub
  • Deleting Tags on GitHub
  • Updating Tags: Creating a Floating Tag
  • Starting a Release on GitHub
  • Deleting a Release
  • Creating a Completely New Release

–Comparing Differences

  • Comparing Differences Overview
  • Comparing with Pull Requests
  • Comparing Commits
  • Comparing Tags
  • Advanced Comparing: Even More Fun

–Social Coding

  • Social Coding Overview
  • Copying A GitHub Repository by Forking
  • Creating. Branch on Your Fork
  • Pull Requests
  • Updating Pull Requests
  • Accepting the Pull Request
  • GitHub Graphs
  • Synchronize Changes Back to Your Fork
  • Enlisting Help with Collaborators

–GitHub Issues

  • GitHub Issues Overview
  • An Introduction to GitHub Issues
  • Setting Up Issue Labels
  • Setting Up Milestones
  • Creating Issues
  • Closing Issues
  • Associating Issues with Commits
  • Using Mentions with Issues


  • Review and Feedback from the participants.