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Turn data into insights

Social network content, location and mobile data, video sensor data, enterprise application data and more are being generated at phenomenal rates. If you can harness your enterprise data, it can dramatically improve decision-making right across your business — from product design to supply chain management. But that’s easier said than done. Managing data requires a transformation in both your business and IT.

Leverage industry best practices and analytic methods to turn data into insights that solve a variety of challenges for business stakeholders company-wide. Empower clients to gather important insights from structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data across internal and external data sources.

Our Analytics Advisory Service delivers experience, skills and tools to help you make a successful transition to deriving business value from your enterprise data. The integration of advisory services with solutions that match key business needs enable clients to achieve measurable business benefits.


Analytics Modernization and Migration Factory

Many companies have a mature, business-critical enterprise data warehouse (EDW) environment that has successfully provided intelligence, analytics and reporting capabilities to date. However, the competitive landscape is changing, and enterprise business users are ramping up demands on IT for real-time data analysis and an advanced, industrialized approach to analytics.

ARDITES offers a cost-effective approach to addressing the challenges of aging EDW and Business Intelligence (BI) environments. Our services help your organization identify, prioritize and transform data workloads and modernize the data analytics and AI fabric. We show you how to use these technologies to optimize business outcomes, remain relevant and streamline costs. We introduce the agility and advanced capabilities you need to support future analytics and AI applications.

Analytics Advisory AI and BI Services

Business today moves at a blinding pace. Customers expect more – and more quickly — and companies need to adapt to meet the demand. As volumes of data are gathered, analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and supporting technologies hold the promise of new business insights and significantly reduced costs, but many organizations don’t know how to begin to harness the power that analytics provide.

ARDITES Technology’s Analytics and AI Platform can help jumpstart your journey to better business insights using a fully integrated, industrial-strength analytics and AI platform that includes enterprise-grade architecture, multiple deployment options, end-to-end managed services and guided onboarding.

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Managed BI and Analytics Services

The rise in the value of data is fueling a rapid rise in business intelligence (BI) environments, as advances in analytics make it possible to feed unstructured data to BI systems.

Still, companies struggle with the burden of maintaining heterogeneous BI environments. Legacy BI systems that suffer from poor architecture and design lead to higher costs and disconnected data, and their inefficiencies cause duplication of work and reports and missed service level agreement (SLA) targets.

Our Managed BI predefined solution packages and flexible configurations include maintenance, support and development for your existing BI environment, coupled with services to transform your environment for the future. By eliminating operational inefficiencies and identifying automation opportunities, you can free up valuable resources, providing you with greater sustained expertise and quality at lower cost and greater return on investment, all while streamlining your BI environments for improved performance, SLAs and functionality.

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