Bangladesh can be back office for BPO

A lot of people ask me what is BPO. Well, term BPO means Business Process Outsourcing. In recent years BPO becomes very popular in different countries in Asia and Africa. Bangladesh is now a hot spot for the BPO. In Bangladesh, our main BPO hub is in Dhaka and Khulna.

Now in the pandemic situation, most of the companies are working from home. The world economy is seriously affected by Covid-19. In this situation, Bangladesh can be your back office for BPO. Bangladesh is a very attractive destination for Business Process Outsourcing. The main reason is the huge number of young people are now graduated from commerce and technology and fortunately they are fluent in English. Apart from this young educated women are now working in this sector. Women love to work from home and our BPO industry is giving this opportunity. The most important thing in the Bangladeshi BPO industry is we can do complex technical work. Our technical force is very skilled to solve the trouble because they can analysis well. This extraordinary capacity enhanced their skill tremendously. Finally, I can say the Bangladeshi BPO industry is very much mature now. If anybody invests in the Bangladeshi BPO industry they can easily return it with profit. It is a better time to invest now in the Bangladeshi BPO industry.

First, we have to understand why western countries will keep their back office in Bangladesh. Well as we have a big educated young workforce and they can communicate very well and apart from this our BPO industry is cheap that other Asian countries. The money they are spending for their employee in the west they can get a highly leveraged amount of work when they outsource to Bangladesh

I am sure in near future Bangladeshi BPO revolution will happen and its firms have garnered a huge chunk of the BPO/Services market. However, the firms that operate in the BPO space in Bangladesh face their challenges as far as the conduct of business is concerned. For instance, one of the foremost challenges that are faced by BPO firms in Bangladesh is the instability and the chaotic way in which infrastructure and logistics management is concerned. The Bangladeshi energy sector is now robust Electricity is now in a stable form. The sector needs to work 24/7, it cannot afford any disruption to its service. Hence, we already overcome this situation. The government is also trying to solve other challenges.

Now let’s see how the BPO phenomenon is transforming our economical situation. In other words, countries like Bangladesh and other Asian countries where the majority of the firms are located have reaped the benefits of the BPO phenomenon to the maximum extent. As the US Dollar reserve currency so it making local economy strong. Moreover, the large numbers of jobs created by the BPO companies act as a buffer against unemployment and at the same time graduates in these countries with a chance to move up the economic ladder

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